Sciatica Relief with Trigger-Point Acupuncture

If you have shooting pain radiating down your leg, you may have a condition called Sciatica. Most commonly, it comes from tightness in the piriformis muscle that pushes against the sciatic nerve. This muscle tightness usually starts in the gluteal muscles. As a result, you are in pain – ranging from annoying to extreme. From my experience as a practitioner, this pain can become chronic if not treated. Most often, the pain is felt down the inside or the outside of the leg.  The good news is that Adam’s Trigger-Point Acupuncture technique releases the trigger-point in the piriformis muscle – freeing the sciatic nerve. This one-needle technique works almost every single time.

Pain management is the Acupuncturist’s Expertise. Don’t waste time with doctors who may not have experience with pain management. A word to the wise: Try trigger-point acupuncture first!

Once the piriformis muscle is released, the sciatic nerve pain will subside. Adam also teaches his patients the appropriate piriformis muscle stretches to be continued after acupuncture treatment to keep the muscle from tightening up again. Relief can be immediate!