Acupuncture treatment relies on natural laws of body-energy and constitution to improve balance and harmonize life force or Qi (Chi). Acupuncture is the insertion of fine, sterilized, individually-sealed needles into the body at specific points to encourage movement in the patient’s energy system. Channels or meridians are the conduits of this Qi. A comprehensive examination of signs and symptoms and diagnostic methods precedes all treatments. Choices of treatment modalities follow the diagnosis.

Acupuncture is part of a comprehensive Taoist approach to life. As created by the ancients, it fits into a network of life’s attributes. Spiritual Alignment and Acupuncture are on the same corresponding axis of these attributes. The practice of acupuncture is inherently a spiritual endeavor as well as symptom-based treatment protocol.

Adam specializes in Trigger-Point Therapy for pain cause by ‘knots’ in the muscles as well as other pain syndromes. He has a lot of experience effectively treating Sciatica with his one-needle technique. Adam’s other specialty is treating men’s health issues including ED, prostate and intimacy issues.  Acupuncture is also effective treating immune disorders, sinus and respiratory ailments (such as asthma and allergies), gastrointestinal and gynecological issues. Adam also has experience treating chronic pain, insomnia, and issues relating to emotional balance.


More of Adam’s Therapies

Cupping: The use of suction cups to loosen congestion, chronic tightness and a ‘stuck’ feeling in the muscles.

Gua Sha: Ancient Asian technique that frees the muscles of tension, toxins, chronic inflammation and congestion by rubbing.

Moxabustion: Applying the herb mugwort heated above acu-points in order to stimulate Qi in a meridian.

Massage Therapy: Allows deep relaxation and improved circulation through touch. Relieves musculo-skeletal pain and stiffness.

Zero Balancing: A hands-on osteopathic-based therapy that balances energy and structure in the bones and joints. Both invigorating and relaxing.

Cranio Sacral Therapy
Gentle manipulation and release of the cranial bones in the head and relaxation of the cerebral-spinal fluid for pain relief, energy balancing and deep relaxation

Energy Healing: Hands-on or hands-off methods to clear blockage and re-vitalize body, mind and spirit. Modalities: Polarity Therapy, QiGong Therapy & Chakra Balancing.