Cupping Release for Tight Muscles

Perhaps you noticed the circles on Michael Phelps back and shoulders as he swam to even greater heights of accomplishment: Those marks were the result of the ancient Asian practice of Cupping.

Cupping is the use of glass or plastic cups that use vacuum-suction to literally ‘suck out’ tension in the muscles of the body. This treatment is recommended for any patients, particularly those who work regularly and experience muscle tightness a build-up of lactic acid in the muscles. It is also good for chronic pain held in the tissue as well as pain associated with mild injury and muscle strain.

The original way to use cupping is to heat the inside of the cups and place the cups on the body surface in order to draw out stuck energy. These days, many practitioners use plastic suction cups without a flame. It’s safer and quicker and just as effective and Adam most often uses cups without a flame.

Why choose cupping over other methods? The practitioner can target specific muscle-groups and areas of the body with cupping and not have to use needles. It is quick and highly effective in resolving held tension and built-up congestion in the body’s tissues. It is not painful and is safe and clean. The only drawback with cupping is that the treatment leaves dark circles on the surface of the body. These circles can be visible for up to a few days. The circles are temporary and fade with time. The more tension in the body tissue, the darker the circles will be.

Cupping can be repeated multiple times safely and effectively. The are no side-effects (besides the temporary marks) and the benefits are wide-ranging: Looser muscles; increased flexibility; pain relief and freedom of range of movement in the body. This treatment is recommended for anyone of any age and especially for patients who do not want acupuncture needles for pain relief.