I am a Gay Acupuncturist

I am a gay acupuncturist. First and foremost, I am a skilled acupuncturist with almost 10 years of experience treating muscular pain, frozen shoulders, headaches, gastro-intestinal distress, sexual function and related issues. I also have a lot of experience treating anxiety, depression, high blood pressure and psycho-spiritual issues. Many of my clients are gay men who come to me with specific problems with sexual/urinary function issues including ED and prostatitis, enlarged prostate gland and prostate cancer. Men with erection challenges, low libido and sexual addiction issues also are my patients. It can be reassuring and even comforting to the patient to see a gay acupuncturist who can better understand the gay patient’s issues and challenges.

Men often have a hard time talking about problems they are having with their body, especially if it has to do with sexual function. Gay men seeking treatment can often talk to a gay acupuncturist more easily. There is a common understanding and a high degree of empathy. Add the experience and expertise of a gay acupuncturist like myself and there is a greater chance of effective and lasting solutions for specific issues. These include sexually transmitted diseases, sexual expression and addictive behavior and the familial pressures that often accompany being gay in our society.

Aging is another big and often looming issue for gay men. It is a subject that is a loaded and sensitive one. As a gay acupuncturist, I have specific approaches that address the issues of aging. It is important to honor the individual and help them with greater acceptance of the specifics of the aging process.

As a gay acupuncturist I offer an empathic and a less “clinical” approach when taking a history from the patient.. Shame, fear and uncertainty are all issues that most gay people grapple with. There is clearly less support in the society at large for these gay issues. Body-image, aging, sexual function as well as issues related to self esteem and general well-being are often more complex in the gay community. An honest, frank conversation that gives the patient room to express his feelings is a good start to a practitioner-patient relationship. Trust is the basis for all relationships—and as a gay acupuncturist, I know that trust is essential to the patient’s commitment and motivation in the healing process.