Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine

Energy is the key to Taoist Practice and Medicine and, most notably in acupuncture treatment. Needles are carefully placed in order to create optimum energetic balance in the body/mind/spirit. The Eight Branches of Chinese Medicine work hand in hand with the Law of The Five Elements to encourage the person to heal and thrive. Energy or Qi is manipulated in the channels via the practitioner’s hands – through the needles – effecting change in the energy system of the patient.


In Adam’s practice, he teaches patients exercises – stretching, breathing and QiGong (Taoist Yoga) appropriate to their treatment plan. He also leads group QiGong classes periodically. See: Adam’s News for current and upcoming class schedules.

The Five Elements

The Five Elements – Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal & Water – is the cornerstone of Chinese Medical Theory. This is the Energetic Foundation of the relationships inside and outside us that affect our health and well-being. Adam has studied and practiced the Five Elements. He is guided as a practitioner by these concepts in treating patients, keeping the intention of harmony with nature, including the impact of the seasons on our lives.